Boastful Bundy


A Koegel dog drenched in custom coney sauce, topped with diced sweet vidalia onions and a streak of dilled mustard. — “Abscond into a world of fugitive flavors!”

Dahmer Delight


A Koegel dog delightfully served with smokey bacon, ham, caramelized onions and topped with our secret homemade BBQ sauce!– “Jeffrey liked lots of meat and so should you!”

Zesty Zodiac


A Koegel dog drizzled with spicy nacho cheese, chopped olives, onions, Peppadew® peppers and a streak of Sriracha! — “Nacho ordinary mysterious murder dogg!”

Grinning Gacy


A Koegel dog is nestled underneath sweetened sauerkraut, mixed with Swiss cheese and topped with delicious thousand island dressing! — “No clowning around with this reuben dogg!”

Ravenous Ramirez


Our buffalo-themed Koegel dog lies next to thinly sliced celery, topped with buttermilk ranch, Frank’s Red Hot® and lightly dusted celery salt. — “Don’t climb through our window for another!”

Jonestown Jam


A Koegel dog topped with melted Swiss cheese and strawberry jam, carefully dusted with powdered sugar! Have faith, it’s good! — “Don’t drink the Kool-aid, take a chance!”

Horrific Holmes


A Koegel-Chicago crossover! Chopped tomato, onions, shredded pickles and chopped Peppadew® peppers all dusted lightly with celery salt! — “No need to Doctor-up this killer Chicago dogg!”

BTK Buster Dogg


Don’t knock it! A Koegel dog smothered with smooth peanut butter and chili sauce, topped with crushed potato chips! — “Bind… torture… peanut butter??!!”

Plain Jane Doe


Enjoy a classic Koegel frank nestled safely in a plain Jane(Doe) bun. Served with your choice of ketchup, mustard, onion or relish.  **Custom toppings +$.25 each — “Not feeling brave? No worries, you pansy!”

Lil’ Devil Combo


A banana replaces our regular hot dog in this peanut butter and jelly combo dogg. Served with a juice pouch and a cookie. –“We’ll get you… and your banana doggz too!”

Great Lakes Potato Chips


Original | Barbecue | Sea Salt Pepper & Onion | Bold Salt & Vinegar | Parmesan Ranch | Michigan Cherry BBQ | Buffalo Wing | Pickled Jalapeño **Subject to availability per event

Faygo Soda Pop


Many flavors of delicious Faygo soda pop available.  Ask at the counter which flavors we have on the rig today!

Michigan Popcorn


We hand select Michigan-grown popping corn from various small and medium Michigan companies, giving everyone a high quality tasty local treat.

Bottled Water


We do our best to provide pure and clear Michigan bottled water to wash down all your new flavors.

Hot Coffee


We selected Michigan roasted coffees and test them thoroughly, offering only the finest of well balanced goodness-in-a-cup.

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